Information here is superseded by Standard Operating Procedures and an official, signed contract.

What secures a date?

A date is secured when a contract has been completed and signed, accompanied by a security deposit.

How much is the security deposit?

A deposit of 50% of the rental total is due prior to your event to secure your reservation, with the balance due 30 days prior to your event. Good Times also requires a credit card on file if damages or other costs were incurred during your event.

What happens if I cancel my event?

The current contract states that any cancellation must be provided in writing by the contract holder. Cancellation less than 60 days of the event results loss of deposit.

What is the number of guests permitted to attend Good Times?

Good Times can accommodate 280 people.

Can you accommodate wheelchairs?

Yes, Good Times is wheelchair accessible. The front entrance has a ramp into the building. There is also separate, easy access facilities.

What about caterers?

Good Times permits you to supply your own food, but there are liability issues you should consider.

According to the Food Law of MI, you must serve/prepare food and beverage from an approved source. An approved source would be a licensed caterer, or a food service establishment within the State of Michigan such as a restaurant or grocery.


For example:

If the food is prepared at a local restaurant and brought in by a client and served to the client's guest by the client and not the restaurant or licensed caterer, you will assume all liability if there is a problem with the food and people become ill.


Or if the family of a bride wants to prepare the food and bring it to the facility, this is allowed as it is not an open to the public event.


This is the reason we ask that you use only licensed caterer's, and require a signed liability waiver.

Another option is if you have a group that wants to prepare food on-site for a public event, they can pull a temporary food service license from the Ingham County Health Department. Remember, caterer's CANNOT prepare food on-site; they can only plate and serve food. A caterer that offers grilling on-site, or uses a food truck, must obtain a temporary license from our department.


All caterers pay us a fee of 15% of food costs. They also have to provide copies of their food service license and liability insurance.

Is alcohol allowed at an event?

Slingin' Sisters is the official bartending service for Good Times Event Center. They are clean and professional, with affordable options to fit every  budget. All of the bartenders for Slingin' Sisiters are all ServSafe licensed. This is to insure the safety of all guests & clients. Please note, serving alcohol at your event without a licensed bartender will result in a $500 fine.

Is smoking allowed inside the building?

No, Good Times is a smoke free facility. This includes the use of electronic vaping devices. There are smoke alarms installed throughout the building. We have ashtrays outside of the facility. Anyone caught smoking inside building will be asked to leave the facility.

Are there dressing rooms available?

Good Times has separate men’s and women’s restrooms. There is also an additional handicap restroom. 

Will there be an Good Times staff member on duty during my event?

You will be given a contact number for emergencies, but there is usually no one staffing events.

What methods of payment are acceptable?

All fees must be made in cash. After making your security deposit the balance is to be paid in full 30 days prior to the event.

Can I have music at my event?

Yes, you can use your choice of musician or DJ service. Our sound system is available for your use. You may patch in with your laptop, iPod or mp3 player. We recommend you make prior arrangements with the office to test your equipment. Good Times staff will not be available to operate your music/equipment.

Does Good Times set up for our event?

No. We do provide tables and chairs. We do not provide the linens.

Will Good Times decorate for my event?

No, you are responsible for the decorating and clean up of your event. We will assist you when possible, but we do not provide decorating services. Referrals for a professional decorator can be provided upon request. When decorating, we ask you comply with our rules and policies as noted in your contract & Standard Operation Procedures. You will be responsible for any damage occurring during your event to the building, equipment or premises.

Will I need insurance for my event?

Yes, Good Times does require a certificate of liability in the amount of $1,000,000. This is obtained for a 24-hour period by your Homeowners or Renters insurance agent, for a minimal fee.

Is there ample parking?

The Good Times parking lot will accommodate 75 vehicles, including 3 handicap spaces.

Are pets allowed at Good Times?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at Good Times due to liability reasons.

Can candles be used at Good Times?

No. There is to be no open flames used inside Good Times

Can rice be used at Good Times?

No. Rice, bird seed, confetti, glitter  or similar material may not be thrown, scattered or distributed in Good Times, or on Good Times property. This includes decorations.

Is it possible to use an outside grill for cooking?

No, but if your caterer has an enclosed food truck, it may be permitted with prior notice, and approval, from Good Times.

What is the attendance capacity?

Good Times has a maximum capacity of 280 guests. The tenant must not admit more persons than the space under lease can accommodate, as determined by Federal, State and Municipal fire and safety rules.

What decorating materials can be used?

All decorative materials must be non-combustible or flame resistant in accordance with NEPA 701. Decorative materials are defined as curtains, draperies, streamers, fabrics, cotton batting, straw, hay, vines, leaves, stalks, trees and moss, including surface covering applied over interior finishes for acoustical or decorative purposes. Adhesive-backed stickers, staples and nails are prohibited along with confetti, glitter and sequins.